11.25.2021 Immersion One Woman Show: Thanksgiving Therapy, Created and Performed by Yoky Yu

This show is mainly about healing from my issues with authorities.

You are invited to take part in this private healing theatre, in an experimental, semi-improvised way. Here are some words written by me that loosely serve as inspirations for this show…but what I really want to invite you to do, is to step into the unknown and co-create with me.

Nov 25th 17:00hr


25 euros, up to 7 people

RSVP: YokyYu@icloud.com

Partial Scripts:

My issues with Authority- from the point of view of the authority

Kids are kids. I’m going to sleep now. The crying one better stop crying soon, otherwise I would lose my nap. I have never received any attention from my own parents when I cried. Crying is weak. They will be best friends in an hour. Kids are just kids.

–from a dorm teacher who let her cry in front of her bully

I stuck my tongue into my granddaughter’s mouth today. I fantasize about her. She is my granddaughter-without me, there would not be her. She is MY blood. I have hidden my sexuality…including the time in the corn field where I lost so much blood. That pain! I wish that upon nobody. I LOVE my granddaughter. She is so tender and full of hope. I’m not jealous of her at all. I wish her all the best. I don’t feel like she trusts me completely…as if she felt like a stranger around us. She loves my fermented cabbage pork soup though. I know she loves her other grandma more. I know it. But, she is MY blood too.

–from a grandmother

I just want to kill myself. I damaged her. Nah…I didn’t. She probably doesn’t remember.

–from a man.

She really needs to know who is in power here. My syringe, or her ridiculous song that woke everybody up at nap time. Cry! Yes! Learn your lesson. Nobody challenges my mom. Here goes the secret of managing these monkey heads: an empty threat.

–from the daughter of a kindergarten teacher

She is a useless piece of shit. Let’s end this before she disappoints us more. What a mistake that we made to believe in her. I would never do this again.

–from a former employer

She is dead to us. We love her, but too bad this didn’t work out. We need to move on. Our son needs to move on.

–from the parents of an ex bf

I’m not talking to her any more. She might ask me to lend her some money in the future again. I said no once. Pandemic or not, I’m too busy for these selfish young people who don’t know the value of hard work.

–from a friend who used to be in touch

She doesn’t listen.

–from a professor

What a worthless piece of shit. What a shameful person. What a brave girl. I introduced her to everybody in the firm as an intern, and on the same day, she quit. What a brave girl. I wish I had the gut to do the same.

–from a could-have-been internship manager at China Telecom in Virginia

She is shrinking. I worry about her. She is not performing well academically. She needs help. She has got problems. She is problematic.

–from a high school teacher.

I want to beat her up, fuck her until she breaks apart. I’m picturing the handle of the tennis racket goes into her tiny little body, while I smoke a cigar and…no, no, no. Stop. She is gonna know my thoughts if I don’t stop looking at her like this.

–from a tennis coach

Let her burn so she can go to a clean, stress-free place. I’m taking care of her. I’m also taking care of her predator. Wooo…I didn’t think of the conflict of interest here. Nah. I can’t recuse myself. There is no other god.

–the one god.

Eat my cock. Eat my shit. Eat my corpse.


That little Chinese twat. What a disgrace for humanity. Filthy little rat. Look at her.

–a generic racist.

I was harsh to her. I’m sorry. I’ve got issues. She is fine. I felt threatened by her, and I wanted to pretend that that’s not true.

–a former friend.

What a fraud. But…she has got balls. I admire that. Natively brave. Let’s wait until she grows up. She will become something.

–a former client.

She is not a model citizen.

–a government