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Hi! 你好, Hola! I am Yoky Yu (My Chinese last name is 俞).


I grew up in Xi’an and Shanghai, before I left home and pursued many dreams across various continents. Currently, I live in Sitges, Barcelona, where I discovered that my last name, 俞, means “healing”.

I am an experimentative healing art practitioner, coach, and facilitator.

I created The Guang Vibration, an intuitive private session that involves Reiki, Voice, and Singing Bowl healing. I use psychodrama and therapeutic theatre skills in coaching for individuals, couples, and corporate clients. I lead facilitator empowerment programs that take place in nature, connecting with our inner universe.

I collaborate with interesting and passionate souls on various artsy and healing projects.

And, most importantly, I’m in my personal journey of experiencing love.

I love to love.

Thanks for showing up in my universe.


Holistic Personal Growth Services

The Guang Vibration Healing Session

Healing & Shamanic Ceremonies (power animal retrieval & stone readings)

Psychodrama, Healing, & Therapeutic Coaching Blended Session

Life & Entrepreneurship Coaching

Corporate Services

Local Community Services

Winter 2021:

Gift Circle