About Yoky Yu

Hi there! I’m Yoky, a professional therapist and artist based in Sitges and Barcelona. I’m passionate about individual and couple’s therapy, as well as therapeutic group work. My approach is integrative, somatic, and relational, co-explored with my clients at their pace.

I have lived in China, U.S.A, and now Spain.
(LGBTQ+ member; cross-culturally trained.) My last name 俞 in ancient Chinese means “healing”! So that’s pretty much my calling for life.

What motivated me to become a therapist is my own personal growth and healing journey, having come from a rather challenging childhood. I find the integration work extremely important for our personal growth, well-being, and living our fulfilling human experiences.

I take a non-diagnostic approach, influenced by Eastern healing philosophies, and combined with modern therapeutic techniques. I also perform comedy, so I bring a sense of dark humor to my sessions too when appropriate, especially with couple’s therapy. I believe that when a therapist can be herself, in and out of a session, she can also potentially empower her clients as who they are.

I’m keen to meet you and accompany you in your healing journey, wherever you might be, in tears and laughters, in light and shadows.

I believe in the power of integration and becoming our unique selves, imperfect and totally original. I believe that change comes from acceptance. I believe that it takes a life time for us to be on the journey of returning to our “origin”.

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